Every year more than hundreds of thousands of dollars worth scholarships are distributed for International Students by various Universities/Colleges/Organizations. Most of these scholarships goes to the deserving ones based on numerous criteria described by the Funding Institute. For Indian students these scholarships can come in following ways.

  • Indian Student Overseas Education Scholarships.
  • International Students Study Abroad Scholarships.
  • Indian Students Scholarship for Higher studies in India.

First things first. The myth around scholarship is that only toppers from different spheres of life gets scholarship. But let's not argue that toppers deserve these scholarships based on certain criteria. But Overseas Education Scholarships are not restricted to toppers alone. Most Study Abroad Student Scholarships fall under following four major types:

  • Need based Scholarships(for financially backward students mostly with good/decent academic records).
  • Student Specific Scholarships( generally based on caste, religion, gender or similar grounds).
  • University/College Scholarships( it can be Merit based or other criteria as mentioned by university).
  • Company Based Sponsorship( Professionals working in companies get full sponsorship in the pretext of coming back and joining the same company).

The above mentioned types of scholarships cover almost 90% of total scholarships awarded to Study Abroad aspirants. Hence students seeking admission for overseas education mustn't lose hope and do research thoroughly to take advantage of these wonderful scholarship options.

Points To Remember

  • Scholarships are awarded to students who can clearly mention why they deserve the scholarship. Knowing how to write a Scholarship Essay is critical to one's chance of obtaining a scholarship successfully.
  • The goals of a person, the financial capabilities and funding requirements must be looked at before applying for scholarships in order to process a hassle free application. Funding Organization will always look at clarity of goals in students applications.
  • Timing is of the essence. As soon as students decide to take up overseas education as a route to fulfill their dreams and ambitions, one must start looking out for different scholarship options available. The earlier the better.
  • Scholarship options must start as soon as student decides a particular country or university. After the university application process starts, Scholarships deadlines approach faster then the deadline of the application.
  • Having one's portfolio ready while applying is essential especially for students from Music, Arts, Dance & Theater or Acting background.
  • Scholarships are not necessarily awarded in full. In most cases, it covers 30-70% of tuition fee and other costs. It may also be a one time payment covering a part of tuition fee for the duration of program. Hence, a study abroad aspirant must look at other ways to fund the education. One such way is Education Loans.

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M.C.S provides complete solution for study abroad aspirants. Most disciplines in various overseas universities require a student to take one or more of the standardized tests such as NEET,JEE main, JEE advance MAT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, German Language, USMLE training. We cater to students going for programs ranging from Arts & Science courses INDIA & Abroad, Engineering Study Abroad Courses and also MBBS, BDS, MD, MDS, DDS and Nursing and Health Care courses which are in huge demand worldB wide. Its understood that student indulge in nitty-gritty of overseas education and are often mislead for biased choices. We at M.C.S encourage the student to first properly understand the various options available to them as per their profile and not based on countries that consultant may or may not represent. This approach has ensured that students at M.C.S have highest rate of success in Admission to study MBBS and MS courses INDIA & abroad.